Available credit and effective debt management are vital to survival in today's competitive business world. Unfortunately, some decisions made with more optimism than realism can create problems with accounts payable. Even the most conscientious and credit worthy business person can become the victim of circumstances beyond his control... economic down turn, inaccurate budgeting, unforeseen expenses, slow paying customers, etc.

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable debt load... and creditors clamoring for payment... filing for reorganization (Chapter 11) may seem to be the only option. IT'S NOT! Statistically, fewer than 10% of all companies who file for Chapter 11 are ever able to emerge intact. The other 90% ultimately go down forever.

Fortunately, working with creditors, and negotiating a mutually beneficial settlement... through third party intervention (ARBITRONIX) can save a high percentage of companies facing bankruptcy, and can put them back on the path to prosperity. It's simple. Cut your debts by half (or more) and your business receives an instant transfusion of usable capital.



ARBITRONIX is a nationwide firm, based in Nevada, which specializes in financial arbitration. David M. Fishman, founder and chief administrator, is a veteran of over 35 years in the credit, finance and debt management industries . . . including 20 years as a practicing attorney in collection law. Our clients are expertly represented by a large staff of fully-trained professionals, who achieve a high percentage of successful settlements . . . usually for pennies on the dollar.



ARBITRONIX has helped thousands of pressured businesses to save millions of dollars... often being given sole credit for saving them from sure bankruptcy. Over 80% of all debts negotiated by ARBITRONIX are settled to the client's complete satisfaction. The settlements typically range from 35% to 60% of the original amount. In other words, the client ends up paying as little as 35 cents on the dollar... sometimes less!

In most cases, even after paying ARBITRONIX's contingency performance fee, clients should realize a NET SAVINGS of around 50%. Of course, if the client does not accept the settlement negotiated by ARBITRONIX, there is no settlement and no fee is earned.