A quality team of top professional negotiators who do nothing but negotiate your position.

An experienced Account Executive whose only job is to service your account. Your account executive will always be abreast of your current situation and will transmit in a timely fashion this information to the negotiators, thus constantly improving your negotiating position. He/she will personally present to you for your approval all settlements negotiated and will always be immediately available to answer any questions or provide any special guidance you may want or need.

Expert business consultation, when desired, with both our in-house people and our contract specialist.

Access to our full service portfolio of the financial services we do not provide in house, i.e. investment and venture capital, collections referral, receivable factoring, turnaround experts, discount volume buying, etc.

Ongoing follow up counseling and guidance (if requested) after current difficulties are resolved.

All this and many other features too extensive to list . . . all backed up by a company formulated and structured by an owner whose 20-year extensive background as an active consulting and practicing attorney in all facets of the business financial sphere more than qualifies him to product quality results in this highly complex and sensitive area.

Add to all the above a driving and creative management team with the phenomenal ability to orchestrate to perfection all the various elements of talent, circumstances and timing to produce the kind of settlements you can enthusiastically embrace and have confidence in.