ARBITRONIX is the only professional debt management firm to have been founded and nurtured by a true debt expert - a man with 35 years of credit bureau and collection agency experience packaged with a 20 year debt collection and business litigation law practice.

It could be one debt. It could be one hundred debts or more. The bottom line is that the debtors want the phone to stop ringing, the debt issues resolved along with peace of mind. That is exactly what we do and we do it in such a way that we are often called the Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove.

Arbitronix also represents companies that know and understand that to have a third party resolve disputes and arguments is far more efficient, effective and economically realistic than dealing with the problems or disputes themselves. Such companies may not be in debt difficulty and be perfectly healthy. They have discovered that it is far less expensive to have Arbitronix intercede for them than to let the matter sit on peoples desks and never get resolved.