ARBITRONIX is the only professional debt management firm to have been founded and nurtured by a true debt expert - a man with 35 years of credit bureau and collection agency experience packaged with a 20 year debt collection and business litigation law practice.

The founder of ARBITRONIX, David M. Fishman, at 15 years of age, working for his father, Jack, at the Credit Bureau of Bellflower (later to become Credit Bureau Central with offices from California to Dallas) was pulling and reading credit reports to merchants before there were such entities as TRW and TransUnion and the concept of computerization. He literally grew up on and around the debt industry, both while in high school and college.

At San Jose State University, he was a moving force in helping move credit bureaus toward computerization, having been commissioned by the Associated Credit Bureaus of the Pacific Southwest to prepare and report that became the launching pad for such movement.

After graduation from San Jose State, and while attending Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, he was a pioneer with his father in the creation and implementation of the credit card recovery business for major oil companies and banks. After graduation and passing the bar, Mr. Fishman began his law career in January 1968. His first client was Credit Bureau Central and for a period of some 20 years representing this and other collection agencies, he filed over 100,000 collection law suits, trying about 10% of those suits in court.

The knowledge and practical experience gained by Mr. Fishman in the real world of credit, collections and practical everyday law, is one of the reasons why we are so very successful in the debt management and arbitration field. That is why ARBITRONIX is able to settle 8 out of 10 debts with an average reduction rate of about 65 cents on the dollar.

This means that a debt for arbitration, if still in the hands of the creditor, on the average, should end up being paid by the client to the creditor at a net, including fee, of about 50 cents on the dollar. Simply put, ARBITRONIX has a track record of taking a dollar of business debt and making it 50 cents, including fees!