As such, we created our form of affiliation and called it the ARBITRONIX Marketing Partnership. You market, you sell, you create the client. We will do the negotiating, we make you the instant expert you want to be.

You open up and operate your own company - it can be as big or as little as you wish it to be.

You are given territorial exclusivity.

You get hands on training in your office.

You get constant hands on back-up and support.

You get all of the ARBITRONIX marketing materials and methodologies for successful client acquisitions.

You make as much or as little money as you want to. We would assume you wish to make as much money as you can and if you follow our formula and allow us to clone you in our image you will! You will also make a lot of friends and save a lot of businesses from failure.



Going into business, any business, is not cheap. Attend any small business expo and see for yourself what franchises or business opportunity companies are asking for the privilege of putting you into their business. Look at the number and what kind of cash is needed, and what the fees are , and what kind of economic and time commitment is required. See what the rake off is and how much is left over for you to put into your pocket after those who tell you what to do, take their monthly fees, expenses, insurance, overrides, and cuts. Not very much!.

What ARBITRONIX wanted to do was put your destiny in your own hands. We train you and clone you in our image and set up the mechanism for you to follow for success, what you then do and how much money you make is up to on one, but you. There are no extra ordinary fees or rake offs or costs or over rides or cuts. Every gross dollar goes into your bank account. You pay your own expenses. You control your cost of operation. You decide your own destiny and how you grow and how those you may employ make money for you.

Yes, certainly there is a cost for the name, the affiliation, the training, the territorial exclusivity. In all candor, this negotiable number makes us no money. We literally break even putting you into the debt intervention business. Where we make our money is in doing the actual commercial debt negotiation for our affiliates, as above mentioned.

If you are truly interested in our program, then please contact us. Further details concerning money and financing can then be discussed. On the other hand, if you are just a looky-loo, investigating the industry and undecided about what it is that you want to do, please...we are very busy; however, call anyway, we are never too busy to talk to anyone and provide some education. On the other hand, we are truly only interested in talking to people seriously interested in learning the third party debt settlement business and wish to make it a career. Perhaps after we talk, this could be you.

Arbitronix - The First, The Original, taking debt settlement into the 21st century.

You get all of the ARBITRONIX marketing materials and methodologies for successful client acquisitions.