ARBITRONIX is a third party debt intervention, debt negotiation company. We seek out businesses and consumers who have debt problems and solicit them to become their personal private debt negotiator. It is just that simple. Within that framework, however, is a myriad of nuances and psychologies that form our operational base of how a successful debt intervention company should work and can be successful. What we are not is a business opportunity selling a book and affiliation for short or a weekend seminar company selling training for large money. The vast majority of our day is spent in lead acquisition, client promotion and debt negotiation.

Having been in the business since 1989, we at ARBITRONIX have come to believe that we are the best at what we do and this writer is considered by many to be "the" foremost debt intervention expert in the country.



The advent of the Internet has been a great asset to ARBITRONIX. Our current inquiry level is about 1,500 per month and many of these people engage our services, or are looking at the debt intervention business as a viable business to go into. The one problem we encounter with the looky-loo who is considering this fledgling industry as a career is the lack of capital. They have heard from various publications and book sellers that you can go into this business on a shoestring and make six figures almost instantly. As such when we at ARBITRONIX begin to talk reality, many are scared away.



To be successful in this business, one must know something about debt, credit and related fields. Knowing some "law" and legal procedures would also be a major asset as would how collection agencies work and how money is collected. Having some knowledge of finance and how money works and is valued would also be a great benefit.

Next, one must have an ideal how to crate leads that will ultimately become clients. One must have some knowledge and understanding of marketing a "service" as compared to a product and how it is done in this industry . . . what works and what does not . . . and then, of course , the prestige factor comes in as everyone wants to become an arbitrator and it would help greatly if that person had training in arbitration, negotiation and mediation - FORMAL training, and most people do not.



We at ARBITRONIX believe that the best school to learn this business in is not the classroom but the working model. That is, the actual operation of a debt intervention business is the classroom we recommend; that by starting at the bottom and working through the various stages of what we do, one can become sufficiently well grounded such that with constant hands on back up and support, success as an ARBITRONIX marketing partner or affiliate is almost assured.

However, we take this one step further. It may be one thing to learn how to be creative in lead generation and it may be one thing to get the marketing basics and generate clients who need help, but getting the negotiations down and done is another task. As a neophyte in this business, can one really say to his potential client that he or she is an expert not only in marketing but in the actual debt intervention process as well? If one has never negotiated a debt before, never dealt with that hard nosed bill collector or collection attorney, whose head gets handed to whom on a platter? How is the client best served?